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Why Chiropractic?


Chiropractic care helps the body function correctly. Your brain, spinal cord, and the rest of your nerves control every aspect of your body. In chiropractic, we maintain that imbalances in your spine will cause an adverse effect to your overall health.  If chiropractic care starts at birth, you can achieve a higher level of health and wellness throughout life, and do so naturally.

Dr. Lehmann is not only a Doctor of Chiropractic, but the child of a chiropractor, and has received adjustments his whole life, regardless of injury. So he can attest to the benefits of a lifetime of care.


We can do more than just fix bad backs… We help whole families.

Chiropractic care has been helping families have vital lives for well over 100 years. Vitality expression is the result of a properly aligned spine, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive mental attitude. Chiropractic is the best choice for family vitality in the new millennium.

Families want safe and natural health care solutions. More and more people are choosing Chiropractic care first, because it makes good sense: it’s non-invasive and there is no dependence on chemicals. Few other forms of health care are safer while being effective.


On the job, on the track, on the court, or anywhere, chiropractic improves human performance.  Olympic athletes all over the world have relied on chiropractic care to help them reach their potential since the 1970s.  Professional athletes have known it even longer. And fifty years ago or more, our clinic’s founder, Dr. Leonard Lehmann, even treated the circus performers who visited our area.  Chiropractic patients experience a higher level of performance and stamina in all areas of life, as their bodies function optimally from the inside out.


Our lives are a direct result of the decisions we make. Good health is not a given, so we have to make decisions every day that protect our bodies. But things like poorly designed office chairs, worn-out mattresses, or long airplane flights adversely affect the body of even the most health-conscious person. Odds are high that you are ‘out of alignment’ even as you read this.

Chiropractic improves the quality of your life by relieving unnatural contortions and pressure through manual adjustment. Regular adjustments leave patients feeling better more often. They’re happier, they have more energy, and more restful nights. Helping you maximize your health is always the goal of Chiropractic. 


Chiropractic is the third largest health care profession in America. Most Doctors of Chiropractic go through a college pre-medicine program, receive a bachelor’s degree, then commit to a 5 year chiropractic studies program leading to a Doctorate in Chiropractic recognized by all 50 states as well as the prominent college licensing boards. 

Doctors of Chiropractic actually receive training that exceeds medical doctors by 400 to 600 hours of study.  D.C.s are “primary care physicians” because they are portal-of-entry doctors in the health care spectrum, and do not need a referral to begin treatment.  Chiropractors do not prescribe medications or drugs and have been the drug free alternative to health for many decades now.  Many long-standing chiropractic patients choose to see their chiropractor before seeing a medical doctor knowing that the chiropractor will gladly refer them to the correct doctor if they need one. 


Many chiropractors use physical therapy machines, exercise machines, and rehab.  This does not make them physical therapists.  Physical therapists are a uniquely different profession and fill a niche that chiropractors do not.  In most states, Physical Therapists need a doctor to make the referral for them to treat since they are not often portal-of-entry health care providers. 

There’s also a big difference in cost between chiropractors and physical therapists.  Quite often, physical therapy treatments cost between $150 and $250 per session. When it comes to quality of care and affordability, no other health profession competes with chiropractic.

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