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A Message From Dr. Lehmann

Healing comes from genuine and considerate care.

Recently, a new patient visited our practice, still suffering after visits to other caregivers, both medical and holistic.

During a complete examination here, he told me of his experiences searching for relief from his pain. According to this patient, during a visit to a chiropractor in another town, he felt as if he were anonymous and incidental. His treatment there consisted of only five or ten minutes of massage by a doctor’s assistant, followed by a doctor’s examination of no more than two minutes.

I am proud of the chiropractic community. I know many fine D.C.’s and medical doctors, locally and throughout the country. But that patient’s experience is not acceptable, nor is it any way to find relief from injury.

At Lehmann Chiropractic, a new patient with a specific physical complaint can expect an exam, history, and treatment of up to two hours on their first visit. That time in our office may not seem expedient, but I am convinced that only a very thorough initial session, and an open relationship with the patient, can point the way to better health. How can I get to know you in just a few minutes? And, just as importantly, how can you become comfortable with me in such a short time?

It’s common for return visits to be needed in order to solve a patient’s problem. But comprehensive first visits lead to far shorter return visits (our average is less than 25 minutes) and less of those visits. Our goal is the same as yours: To return you to great health as quickly as possible.

Another key point of quality chiropractic care is the value of routine adjustments. Many of our patients make regular appointments even though they feel great. That’s because they, like us, believe that routinely receiving preventative chiropractic care is as valuable and logical as annual medical check-ups and dental visits.

And in circumstances where care is needed beyond the scope of our practice, I routinely refer patients to medical specialists.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to you seeing you at Lehmann Chiropractic Center.

- Dr. Steven D. Lehmann

Our Philosophy

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